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The Ambio360 System for Improving Human Performance

The Ambio360™ System for Improving Performance is a powerful tool that helps you understand where you are, where you want to be and how to get there.

Regardless of the context, the Ambio360 System provides the custom feedback and tools to get you started and see you through to success.

The Ambio360 Process

The Ambio360 Process takes full advantage of technology, coaching techniques, research and plain old common sense. Here’s how it works.

1. You purchase the Ambio360 that is right for you. We provide specific tools in areas of Leadership, Management, Mental training for Sport, Clearing out the Clutter, Basic Interpersonal Skills, and a wide spectrum of skills, behaviors, and habits that lead to success…and you want to know how you stack up….

2. Set up your account. If you’ve already used our surveys, you can add a new set of skill development to your current account. If you are new to our system, we only want the most basic information so that we can generate a survey that fits you.

3. Send out email invitations using the system to the people who know you best so that you can get specific feedback on what you do best and where you need some polish.

4. Take the same survey on yourself. Its important to be calibrated, so you’ll find out how your personal assessment stacks up with everyone else’s perception of you.

5. Get your results. You’ll have results as soon as there are enough responses to totally preserve anonymity. You can have results in 15 minutes.

6. Evaluate yourself. You’ll get your results in a comparative graph we call the bubble chart that helps you understand just how well your vision of you is calibrated to everyone else. You’ll get a listing of your skills sorted by Master, Positive, Inconsistent, and Negative. You’ll also get our take on where to start with Work My Plan – a custom plan based on your results and our background knowledge of how skills go together.

7. Start Working Your Plan. Work My Plan is a customized action plan that lets you know which behavior is at the top of the list of things to work on. Work My Plan uses specific tips, feedback, and worksheets to guide you toward improving specific behavior.

8. Learn more. The More Practice tab is an on-line classroom complete with details about how the experts perform the construct, worksheets for practicing Best Practices, and tips for being the best.

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